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STargazer Sessions

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"Yam Haus: A young, clean-cut synth-rock quartet from Hudson, Wis., the former classmates made a big splash last month as a last-minute fill-in opening act for Bishop Briggs in front of a packed First Ave crowd. That was a perfect setup for their slickly produced, radio-friendly debut album coming this month, “Stargazer,” with a mix of electro-poppy grooves and swooning vocals that suggest an Ed Sheeran opening should be next."

-Chris Riemenschneider Star Tribune, Minneapolis

 "I found myself almost instantly dancing around to the beat. To say it was infectious would be an understatement. You could literally hear the smile in the singer’s voice as the group powered through their quick set and it was next to impossible not to smile back. Along with the happy-go-lucky sound was a truly charming stage presence. The members felt like the boys next door, like a best friend that you had only just met but knew it was going to turn into a life-long friendship. I don’t know how else to explain this band to you or how to portray how much I truly enjoyed their set. This is one of those bands that I will surely be dragging a car load of friends to see with me next time."

-Langen Goldstien Twin Cities Media

"Spread out across the living room of their Hudson home, Yam Haus makes it clear that they're more than just the four guys on the cover of their album... The passion of each member of Yam Haus is easy to see as they talk about their music, and added to it is a drive and discipline that shows they can go the distance. It's no surprise that others want to help them get there...Though the June 15 album release is the culmination of two years of work, for Yam Haus, it's just the start." 

-Rebecca Mariscal Hudson Star Observer


Lars Pruitt / Vocals, Guitar
Seth Blum / Electric Guitar
Jake Felstow / Drums
Zach Beinlich / Bass