Branding Guidelines


Hello and welcome

to our hub for marketing and branding guidelines and assets for all promotional material. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find our photos, logos, and other assets for your professional use. The Yam Haus brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, designs and other unique assets associated with Yam Haus.

We kindly ask that you follow these guidelines to influence consistent use of our image and branding. In doing this you also help Yam Haus's intellectual property. 

You are not obligated to follow these guidelines, however you will not be given the right and should not use Yam Haus's branding assets.

Our Logo

This is our logo. Our friend David Nanda made it and we're really proud of it. To honor the work that was put into this design we ask you follow these guidelines to ensure that it always looks great.

 Pay attention to scale

People have a tendency to need the logo big and fill the space as much as they can, please fight this urge. Respect the mark by giving it space and margin.

Don't use the colored version on white. 

The colors we are using are very light and parts of the mark get lost in the white, If you have to use a white background use the black version.

Don't break up the lock-up

Do not move any pieces of the logo to make it fit better in a particular application. This hinders the consistency of our brand recognition.